• AROMAID® Immune Defense
  • AROMAID® Soothe
  • AROMAID® Calm
  • AROMAID® Soothe
  • AROMAID® Ease
  • AROMAID® Immune Defense

"I have used several of the Aromaid blends, and have been quite impressed with them. In fact, I use the Immune Defense every time I travel by plane." - Dr. Mark R. Pustaver, D.C.

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Are you suffering from headaches, colds, stress and tension, sleeping problems or nausea? Do you prefer to try natural approaches to common ailments? Are you looking for something simple that works quickly and has no known side effects? Then try Aromaid from Balanced Health Plus.

What is Aromaid?

  • Aromaid is a simple, natural solution to common ailments. It fits comfortably in your nose and works quickly to support and restore your body's health and wellness.
  • Created and developed by doctors, nurses and aromatherapists.
  • Scientifically tested in hospitals. 

Simply choose from our eight different blends each one specially designed for whatever you are experiencing; headache, stuffy nose, queasiness, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, cold and allergy symptoms. Open the packet, insert in the nose and breathe.

  • Fast acting (works in 5 minutes)
  • Reusable (can be worn multiple times)
  • Hands free
  • Up to 72 hours continuous use 
  • Personal (only the user can smell the aroma) 
  • Only PURE blended essential oils
  • No known side effects
  • Self-contained (avoids skin irritation or burning)
  • No Mixing or measuring 
  • Individual Packaging
  • Discreet and Comfortable

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