AROMAID from a Caregiver’s Perspective

Posted on August 15 2016

At BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we understand the stress of caring for a loved who is struggling. We know you want to do anything and everything possible in order to help your loved one reach a state of comfort. Here at our holistic health and wellness company, we want to offer caregivers an alternate option—other than harsh pharmaceutical drugs—to help care for their loved ones.  This notion has led us to the development our AROMAID aromatherapy products.

Our patented AROMAID aromatherapy nasal clip is a comfortable, hands-free way of inhaling relaxing scents. It is designed so people can experience the natural health benefits of aromatherapy without the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. AROMAID nasal clips infused with a variety of essential oils and blends of essential oils work to ease everyday problems such as queasiness or morning sickness—relief many caregivers seek for their loved ones.

Many different AROMAID products for many different situations are available. For instance, caregivers may consider our AROMAID Soothe as an aid for the queasiness suffered by a loved one going through chemotherapy treatments. Another, usually happier situation in which Soothe may be useful is during the morning sickness often experienced by women during pregnancy.

These are only a few specific situations during which caregivers may find our AROMAID products helpful. There are numerous other times you may consider the use of these all-natural aromatherapy products. We offer unique aromatherapy nasal clips to help you or your loved one get to sleep and stay asleep, for relaxation and stress, for headaches, and to boost your immune system. If you’re a caregiver looking for an alternative to harsh pharmaceutical drugs for yourself or a loved one, AROMAID aromatherapy products may be the answer!

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