Posted on April 30 2016

Alleviate harsh stomach pains with AROMAID Soothe at Balanced Health plus®

The soothing powers of essential oils are truly immeasurable. If you’re plagued by nausea from surgery, pregnancy morning sickness, chemotherapy treatment, motion sickness, or the like, it can be difficult to go about your everyday life with the same demeanor that you usually display. The health care professionals at Balanced Health plus® have developed AROMAID Soothe, an alternative and innovative form of medicine that works to alleviate the harsh stomach symptoms that often come with pregnancy, chemotherapy, and other causes of stomach pain. With AROMAID Soothe, you won’t have to compromise your routine or well-being because stomach pains get in your way.

AROMAID Soothe is a unique blend of essential oils combining aromatherapy and research-based technology to promote the feeling of harmony and comfort specifically in the stomach area. There are four unique oils that make up Soothe. Ginger is widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory benefits, Cardamom is known to warm the stomach and help with heartburn, Peppermint is said to alleviate abdominal pain and bloating, and Spearmint promotes digestion and overall intestinal health. Because the unique aromatherapy blend is activated when you open the package, the product begins working within five minutes after the moment you seat the clip in your nose so you don’t even have to think about it; you’ll just start feeling like your normal, soothed self, free from the discomfort and annoyance of stomach pains.

Our AROMAID product line utilizes a totally unique delivery system so that you can feel more relaxed, less stressed and anxious in body and mind, and soothed when nausea strikes. Balanced Health plus® is where nature and science work together for health and wellness, and we encourage you to contact our experts with your questions about AROMAID Soothe or any of our other AROMAID products.

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