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Posted on July 30 2016

Regardless of whether it’s something good (like the birth of a baby) or something not so good (like a divorce or a hurricane), stress takes a toll. And, this toll can impact your mood, work, and relationships in ways that can ruin your week. Everyone tries to find ways to ease their stress; but, for some, it is hard to do or the ways they use can actually make things worse. Here at Balanced Health plus®, we have developed unique aromatherapy products to help with stress and, even better, to help people regain a better sense of balance and wellness in their whole lives. Combining the Eastern and Western holistic approaches of medicine has created a strong integration of ancient and modern healing techniques in an all-natural way. But don’t just take our word for it; our customer’s appreciation drives us to continue finding new products.

One of the best parts about working in integrative healthcare is the positive feedback we get from our wonderful consumers. From trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep to all sorts of stomach upset, our soothing aromas aid in wide variety of circumstances. One loyal customer (Aleah) backs this up in her customer testimonial: “I was introduced to the Balanced Health plus nasal products when I was 7 months pregnant and having a consistently nauseous pregnancy. I tried an assortment of the clips and my only regret is that I didn't hear about these sooner.” She went on to say that “they really did help by calming my nerves, helping me relax and feel overall a lot better. Labor classes also recommend you take something that smells nice to the hospital to help relax you during delivery. This is a great product to have throughout pregnancy, delivery, and everyday life!”

If you want to read more from our fantastic customers, visit our website to see their responses to the natural benefits provided by our products. Right now, we have eight different pure essential oils that specialize in helping with various conditions. If you’re struggling with restlessness, one of the four AROMAID Relax will help quiet you and ease your struggle. If you’re experiencing stomach upset like Aleah, AROMAID Soothe will help with those stresses. Our pros at Balanced Health plus hope you consider improving your health and wellness with us. Try out our assortment of reliable alternative healthcare options today!

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