Using Aromatherapy to Promote Natural Wellness

Posted on June 15 2016

BALANCED HEALTH plus is committed to providing our customers with quality, alternative solutions to improve their wellness and help them find relief. We provide our customers with relief using our own special combinations of essential oils and a patented delivery system for users.

With so many people relying on pharmaceutical drugs, curious customers often ask us, “What is aromatherapy and what does it do?” Aromatherapy may be defined as a form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials, aromatic plant oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one’s moods or cognitive, psychological, and physical wellbeing.

Our company was founded by an anesthesiologist and a psychologist who noticed that healthcare and wellness seemed limited by traditional approaches to healthcare. The team at BALANCED HEALTH plus is made up of innovative health care professionals (MDs, RNs, and PhDs), specialists in holistic care, and talented engineers who are devoted to combining the best of Western and Eastern traditions and progress. Our AROMAID products are the combination of hard work, innovation, and a non-traditional approach to medicine and care.

We mix a medley of essential oils together to achieve the desired effect by inhalation through our patented AROMAID nasal clips. It’s important to note that while some Aromatherapy products claim to directly affect medical problems, BALANCED HEALTH plus focuses on promoting harmony of the body and mind through the inhalation of our unique blends of essential oils. When you breathe deeply and inhale the infused scents of our AROMAID nasal clips, you’ll feel a sense of harmony and wellness awaken inside you.

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