Using Natural Remedies to Help Our Customers

Posted on June 30 2016

It seems like we live in a world where we want every problem we face to have an easy, manufactured fix. Have a headache, take a pill. Feel a pain, take a pill. But what if we don’t want to “take a pill”? Natural remedies may be the answer. Natural remedies are exactly what the name suggests: help made from a plant’s leaves, roots, berries, seeds, flowers, bark, and never anything synthetic.

Herbal and natural medicines have been part of cultures throughout history. Western herbalism dates back to ancient Egypt, and Eastern herbalism finds its origins even further back in traditional Chinese medicine. Some common natural medicines you may recognize are Ginkgo (which is useful to enhance memory) and kava kava (which is used to elevate mood and relaxation.)

At BALANCED HEALTH plus, we design, develop, and sell aromatherapy products that combine Eastern and Western holistic medicine to help ease common concerns and ailments like stress, anxiety, and queasiness. Our company was founded by an anesthesiologist and a psychologist who came to the conclusion that non-pharmaceutical aromatherapy could provide relief for people seeking help. Our discreet and nonintrusive nose clips contain unique blends of essential oils that soothe and naturally ease the body back to health.  Our products include nasal clips that help protect the body’s immune system and ease queasiness, morning sickness, sleep, relaxation, and headaches.

If you suffer from any of these concerns, please contact us on our website. Take time to browse our products and read about the different oils and scents that go into making each of our Aromaid clips. Each clip comes in four different colors to match your skin tone. No matter your problem, we have a natural solution.

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