What Causes Stress at Work?

Posted on September 15 2016

Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we know work can be stressful at times—or maybe all the time. In fact, we know that stress at work leads to lots of really unhealthy consequences. And one of these consequences is that, even when you end your work day, it can sometimes feel impossible to unwind. We want to take a moment dig a little deeper into why people experience stress at work and to suggests some options that may help you to find some relief.

Stress Cause #1: Heavy workloads with frequent deadlines

Research suggests that the leading cause of burnout (stress) at work, the leading cause of job dissatisfaction, is having to do more with less for less. In fact, we think it’s safe to say it’s happens to everyone: wondering how you can get everything done with only so many hours in the day. Whether you work full time in the home or out of the home, with an overloaded “to do” list and unrealistic deadlines, an overbearing workday is inherently stressful. Today, Americans work more for less than at any time in recent history; and, perhaps as a result, Americans suffer from burnout and all the symptoms associated with it more than any other industrialized nation.

Stress Cause #2: Relationships

Again, whether you work at home or out of the home, often trying to get along with everyone with whom or for whom we work can become very stressful. Of course, it’s impossible to get along with everyone; but, those one or two coworkers who really are impossible can make some days very frustrating and stressful—especially if one of those impossible people happens to be your boss.

Stress Cause #3: Work-life balance

By definition, our lives are in balance; so, what we’re really talking about when we throw around phrases like “work-life balance” is the cost of the balance. And by that, we mean that when the boundaries between work and home become blurry, stress in one will inevitably impact the other. Failure to separate work outside the home from home puts a strain on both environments, which can be extremely stressful.

Of course, stress can’t be avoided. In fact, stress (which can be defined as “anything that makes a demand on you for change”) is inevitable and some of it (in fact, a lot of it) is good. Like having a baby or getting a promotion or buying a new house or changing careers.  So, finding balance in our lives isn’t a matter of avoiding stress. It’s a matter of recognizing and managing stress in ways that are less unhealthy.

Stress happens. And when it does, we have a solution that may help you experience stress relief: AROMAID Relax. Our aromatherapy product is packed with a variety of aromas that may help you get through your stressful day. Simply use the nasal clip to breathe in relaxing aromas when you’re feeling stressed — it’s just that easy!


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