Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Smartphone Before Bedtime

Posted on September 01 2016

We’ve all fallen victim to using our favorite devices right before bedtime. Whether it’s catching up on work emails, scrolling through social media, or playing our favorite games, using our smartphones before bedtime is an activity many of us do. But what many of us don’t know: using our smartphones before bedtime may be harmful to our health.

With their bright screens, smartphones send a stream of photons that tell our brains to stay awake. So when we continue to use our smartphones before bedtime, we’re actually telling our brains to stay awake -- our brains are sent signals not to secrete melatonin—a chemical that helps induce sleep. And,  it works. All of a sudden it’s 1:00 am and we have to work bright and early in the morning. Dr. Dan Siegel—a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine— suggests this won’t allow us enough time for sleep. He explains that sleeping is the opportunity for active neurons to rest and for glial cells to clean up the toxins that these neurons produce. If we don’t get 7-9 hours of sleep, these cells won’t be able to clean up these toxins—which can cause a variety of health issues that can affect our productivity at work. These effects include making our attention falter, impairing our memory, and challenging our ability to think through problems.

So what are possible solutions to our “smartphone-before-bedtime” problem? As Dr. Siegel points out, it’s as simple as shutting our smartphones down before bedtime. He advises not using our smartphones at least an hour before bedtime in order for our brains to produce melatonin. Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we suggest one more positive change before bedtime: using our AROMAID Calm – Sleep product. Our aromatherapy product allows for a comfortable, hands-free way of inhaling relaxing aromas that may help you drift away to sleep at bedtime.

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