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BALANCED HEALTH plus® is committed to designing, developing, and marketing quality products that blend Eastern and Western holistic approaches to Aromatherapy for mind/body balance. A non-medical, all-natural nasal clip provides a comfortable, hands-free way of inhaling selected relaxing scents without exposing others to the aroma.

We believe that integrating both Western scientific approaches and Eastern traditional practices offers the most holistic path for reducing stress of and pressure on the body and mind. Our interest in and study of these approaches has brought us to Aromatherapy. For us, Aromatherapy is an integrative approach to enhancing the feeling of well-being and managing the inevitable stresses of life. 

From that beginning, we have used knowledge of Eastern traditions to develop blends of specific natural essential oils used for centuries in ancient and modern civilizations.

And, to that platform, we have added Western scientific knowledge to develop and patent a unique delivery system for convenient and effective use of these aromatherapy blends.

More background on the basis for our approach follows.



BALANCED HEALTH plus® was founded by an anesthesiologist and a psychologist who discovered that, while medicine and psychology seemed to have common goals, they often appeared to work at cross purposes.

In conversation, our founders discovered that they both had been using cognitive behavioral approaches and positive psychology and surgical procedures to address a wide range of physical and psychological responses to stress, anxiety, and mind/body balance concerns. Their shared interest in and passion for finding non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical ways to help people cope with stress and anxiety and work towards a better mind/body balance has evolved into this innovative company. 

Together, they began to innovate approaches to various conditions associated with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and queasiness. From that work, BALANCED HEALTH plus® has grown to develop integrative approaches to creating and maintaining mind/body balance in an inherently stressful world.



Humans are blessed with five senses: Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Each of those senses has special receptors to accept stimuli and eventually transmit them to the nervous system and brain. And, based on those transmissions, we think, feel, and act in response to our interactions with our environment. 

Our sense of smell, for example, allows us to accept or reject possible sources of food based on a particular scent. Based on that same sense of smell, the scent of a warm fire or a perfume fragrance can bring back memories of happy occasions and relax the body and mind. Other scents can bring us to deeper, more meditative states of awareness where we can be more relaxed and more in touch with our inner spirits. 



Wikipedia defines "Aromatherapy" as "a form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one's mood, cognitive, psychological or physical wellbeing." 

Blends of essential oils are introduced to achieve the desired effect by topical application, inhalation, massage, or water immersion. 

Some Aromatherapy products claim medical effects. In contrast, BALANCED HEALTH plus® focuses its efforts solely on the use of selected essential oils by inhalation, using a patented delivery mechanism, to promote harmony of body and mind. 

BALANCED HEALTH plus® products are not intended for any medical purpose, including any effect on disease or changing any structure or function in the human body. 

By simply allowing inhalation of certain essential oils in a calm environment, through the patented AROMAID clip, the body and mind naturally reduce stress and allow the user to feel more relaxed. AROMAID Calm, AROMAID Relax and AROMAID Soothe are specially formulated to promote different aspects of wellbeing and suit a variety of needs. Choose from our three blends of essential oils, depending on what outcome you’re looking for.

This process harmonizes the whole person and allows the body to re-boot to a balanced stress. 

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