At BALANCED HEALTH plus , we're dedicated to providing users with the best possible care. The following FAQs will help provide answers to many users' most common questions.



"What is BALANCED HEALTH plus?

BALANCED HEALTH plus is an innovative, creative consortium of health care professionals (MDs, RNs, and PhDs), experts in wellness and holistic care, cutting edge engineers and product developers devoted to integrating the best of Western medicine and Eastern interventions for the development of products to enhance the life experience of users of our products.



Is there any significance to the name of the company?

Yes. Clearly. Each component of the company name focuses the energy and attention of the company and, we believe, tells the consumer something important about the company. “Balanced” suggests that the company takes seriously the importance of the scientific method – of data-based, valid and generalizable results – and the powerful value in Eastern approaches to health care. “Health” holds us accountable to our goal that users of our products see improvement in health as they define it (as opposed to some arbitrary market-based definition). And, "plus" points to the overarching vision of the company to offer more than traditional approaches or the usual Eastern approaches.



What is the company’s story?

The company was started by an anesthesiologist and a psychologist who, independent of each other, had noticed that traditional approaches to healthcare and wellness often seemed rigid and limited in their focus and that, while they were often extremely well developed and researched, such interventions often treated the deficits or weaknesses of patients. As each of them explored non-traditional options to treatment, they met and found that, not only did their interests overlap significantly, their talents and experience also offered considerable synergy. Thus began their working relationship and thus was born BALANCED HEALTH plus.



What is the company’s vision?

As products are developed, tested, and demonstrated to be useful, BALANCED HEALTH plus plans to introduce a wide range of products for health and wellness. Our philosophy is to blend Eastern and Western holistic approaches to Aromatherapy to our customers in an all-natural way. Beginning with AROMAID, a product line that utilizes a totally unique delivery system so that you can feel more relaxed, less stressed and anxious in body and mind, the company plans to pursue an ongoing program of research and development and to introduce only products that meet the highest standards for scientific rigor and the best practices of integrative approaches to health and wellness.




How do I place an order with a real person?

Simply call 1-888-636-7885.



What if a product is not available?

Our site is linked to our inventory database, so if a product is out of stock, it will be stated on that product’s page. You are welcome to place a back order for that item. Back orders are shipped as soon as the products are available. Back ordered items along with the shipping charge will not be charged until the product is available for shipping.



How do I check the status of an order?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your UPS tracking number and a link to the UPS tracking Web site.



Is ordering online with BHP safe?

When you complete your online order, you will be asked to submit credit card information. As you click to complete the order, the secure server mode is initiated. Our secure server encrypts your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. You can have confidence using our secure server because the encryption process converts the characters you enter into bits of code. You are safer using your credit card online than handing it to a waiter at a restaurant. Or, if you prefer, simply call us and we'll take your order over the phone. Our toll-free number is 1-888-636-7885. Please mention that you want to place a web site order but prefer to give your payment information over the phone.



What will I pay for shipping?

Contiguous U.S. - Flat fees shipped via USPS for ground shipping is $4.95 for orders. If you would like to receive your order more quickly, call customer service at 1-888-636-7885.



How quickly is my order shipped?

Orders are shipped within 48 hours. Orders within the contiguous United States are shipped by USPS ground, which usually takes 5 to 6 business days, depending on destination. 


Is AROMAID a drug? If not, exactly what is it?

AROMAID is not a drug; rather, it is a scientifically designed nasal clip developed for user-controlled and hands-free inhalation of Aromatherapy oils or blends. The device protects the user from any contact with the oil while significantly shortening the time until the effects of the scent reach the olfactory center or the brain and central nervous system.



If AROMAID is a nasal clip, how do I know what I'm buying?

Each AROMAID product is named to suggest its use. For example, AROMAID Soothe is a nasal clip infused with a blend of oils mixed to ease stress caused in discomforts in the stomach area and AROMAID Calm is a nasal clip infused with a blend of oils mixed to help users feel relaxed so that they get to sleep and stay asleep. In addition, each product is clearly described by name and usage on the packaging.


How fast does it work? How long does it work?

Because the unique Aromatherapy blend is activated when you open the package, Each AROMAID product begins working within five minutes after the moment you seat the clip in one side of your nose. It works as long as you have the clip in your nose and it stops working when you remove it from your nose or when the aroma stops.



How does AROMAID work?

AROMAID works by the simple process of breathing. The unique design of the clip allows the user to insert the clip directly into his or her nose, thereby dramatically improving the speed with which molecules from the oils travel from the nose to the brain and central nervous system. And, as the clip is comfortable to wear, you can use it simply by breathing as you would normally.



How long will AROMAID last?

The effective half-life of each clip is designed to be use for up to 72 hours. That means that sometime 72 hours after the package is opened, the potency of the blend will be significantly reduced. Some residual effect may continue after that time, but it’s recommended that you simply open a new AROMAID, if you wish.



How effective is it? Does it work?

All individual AROMAID products undergo a rigorous testing process. For AROMAID Soothe, for example, our studies confirm it's effectiveness in easing stress in the stomach area. And AROMAID Calm is very useful in helping users relax so that they get to sleep and stay asleep. 


Is it safe? I've heard that essential oils can burn the skin. 

The design of the nasal clip protects users from direct contact with any essential oil. As long as the clip is intact, no contact with the blend is possible. If the clip appears damaged in any way, do not use the clip. AROMAID is safe for all ages but should be kept safely out of the reach of children under the age of 12. As long as the clip fits comfortably in the nose and you have no smell / aroma sensitivity to any of the oils listed on the individual AROMAID products that you purchased, there are no contraindications. 


How do I use it? 

Simply open the air-sealed pack and remove one AROMAID nasal clip. Insert the end of the clip containing the Aromatherapy blend directly into one side of your nose with the slender clip on the outside of your nose or across the septum. Breathe regularly. Use as long and as often as you want (up to 72 hours per clip). 



Future Products? 
There are several products in our development pipeline and we are always open to new thoughts and ideas. If you have any suggestions for future opportunities where Eastern and Western medicine can be integrated, please let us know. If you have an idea but don't know how to develop the concept into a reality, let us know and we will be happy to discuss with you about what BALANCED HEALTH plus and our expert team can do to help bring your dream from the drawing board to market. 



How often may I use AROMAID? 

As often as you desire. 



If you have any additional questions about, please feel free to contact Balanced Health plus online today.

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