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No matter who you are, you’ve most likely experienced stress time and time again throughout your life. Of course, stress can be a healthy thing, especially if it motivates you when you have a big presentation at work or an exam to take. On the other hand, experiencing too much anxiety can prove to be detrimental to your health. Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we want to provide you with all-natural methods in order to help ease your anxiety symptoms. We’d like to outline various all-natural methods—as outlined in Dr. Oz’s Worry Cures—in order to help you ease anxiety without the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Quiet the brain

Ah, it seems a little easier said than done, doesn’t it? Simply quieting the brain can sometimes prove to be an enormous feat, especially for those who suffer from severe anxiety. But as Dr. Oz explains, anxiety’s root can be traced to the brain, and once you understand that it is a neurological process as opposed to a “feeling,” we can take steps to relieve it. In his article, Dr. Oz points to two different all-natural methods in order to help you ease your anxiety symptoms. One method includes creating a list of all the aspects that are causing you to worry. Doing this will help you prioritize stressful upcoming events, so you can strategize how to deal with each individually. Another method includes doing deep breathing exercises, which helps interrupt irrational thoughts.

Relieve worry-related stomach issues

Believe it or not, the stomach acts as a “second brain” when it comes to anxiety. When we worry, not only our brains—but also our stomachs—react to our anxiety. As outlined in his article, Dr. Oz talks about two different aspects we can do to help our worry-related stomach issues. One method includes taking lemon balm, which can prevent your stomach from reacting to your anxiety-creating thoughts. Another technique Dr. Oz explains is to try iberogast, which is a blend of plants and herbs that can help soothe your stomach when anxiety occurs.

Focus on mind-body connection

Much different from conventional medicine practices, integrative medicine attempts to evaluate the mind, body, and spirit to find imbalances in energy. Dr. Oz writes that focusing on this aspect can help you ease your anxiety. One way Dr. Oz talks about is to use an anti-anxiety elixir of one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of ground ginger, and a half teaspoon of honey—something that’s a traditional Indian remedy thought to balance the body. Dr. Oz also points to aromatherapy solutions to help calm you down—a method we are very fond of at BALANCED HEALTH plus®.

Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we have alternative routes that may help you experience anxiety relief. Our AROMAID – Relax aromatherapy nasal clip is geared for helping you achieve potential relief from your anxiety. Are you interested in learning more about our all-natural aromatherapy products? Contact our holistic health and wellness company today!

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