Sleeping Troubles at BALANCED HEALTH plus®

Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we know the importance of getting enough sleep at night. However, we also know that many people struggle to fall asleep. And according to the National Sleep Foundation, only 56 percent of Americans say they get a “good night’s sleep” on a typical work or school night. So we’re here to dig a little deeper into this sleeping (or lack thereof) phenomenon.

So what causes sleep trouble? Shouldn’t it just be as simple as closing your eyes, pulling up your covers, and relaxing for a good night’s rest? For some people, we know that it’s just not that simple! There are many causes for those who struggle to fall asleep at night. According to recent sleep studies, sleeplessness has been linked to hypertension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, improper immune functioning, forgetfulness, clumsiness, and even injuries.

As a direct result of these sleeping difficulties, people have turned to sleep products in order to help this problem, which has sparked a huge increase in the sleep industry.

Since 2008, spending related to sleep has increased 8.8 percent annually and reached about $32 billion in 2012. And the sleep industry has shown no sign of slowing down. According to an article posted by Time, they point to three different factors that have caused the surge in the sleep industry. One cause includes the idea that people love a quick fix. Many believe that sleeplessness can be overcome by technological advances in sleeping products, which they think can result in a quick fix to their problem. Another cause is the feeling that people need to do something about their sleeping problem (while doing nothing sleeping). Many feel that simply doing nothing won’t solve their sleeping problem. A final cause points to the idea that people want to find a natural solution to their problem, which has sparked the popularity in natural sleep aids—something we strive to provide our customers with every day at our health and wellness company!

At BALANCED HEALTH plus, we are dedicated to providing our customers with products that provide alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Our aim is to help people experience natural health benefits—like sleep—without the harsh side effects of other medicines. That’s why we’ve created our AROMAID aromatherapy products that may help achieve the benefit of sleep!

Our patented all-natural aromatherapy nasal clip is a comfortable, hands-free way of inhaling relaxing aromas. This drug-free product is designed to help people achieve natural health benefits without the harsh side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. The AROMAID aromatherapy nasal clip works to relieve everyday problems, such as queasiness, morning sickness, and—of course—sleeplessness!

Are you interested in learning more about our amazing products that may combat your sleeplessness? Contact BALANCED HEALTH plus directly, and we would be happy to answer any and all concerns or questions you may have about our alternative health company!

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