"I’ve used the Relax, Soothe and Calm nose clips during my Chemo treatment and they have been amazing! They work really well." - Larissa 


"I had been struggling with falling asleep after having an infant. He was sleeping through the night and yet I just couldn't fall asleep. The calm clip has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I fell asleep and stayed asleep throughout the night. It has been amazing." - Shannon 


"After a long night at work, I got home after midnight and tried the calm nose clip. It felt weird at first as I've never used any type of nose clip before but 5 minutes later i forgot it was even there. It smells amazing!! I felt super relaxed just a few minutes after putting it in... I slept great (my daughter even slept through the night!!) And I woke up at 730 feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I can't wait to try the other scents!" – Lindsay


"I love the Soothe & Calm nasal clips! I was a little skeptical of putting a device in/on my nose, but I hardly even notice when I'm wearing it. The scents are fantastic and really open up your nasal passages, I will definitely be using them the next time I get a cold. After about 15-20 minutes of wearing the "relax" I truly did feel calmer and overall happier! Love these products." - Courtney 


"I was having trouble sleeping at night until I started using the Balanced Health products. I went from a restless state (that kind of feeling you have when you have drank too much caffeine or when your mind is racing with all of the things that need to be done) to sound asleep in about 5 mins and stayed asleep all night. Thanks balanced health." - Mary 


"An ingenious solution to getting the natural benefits of aromatherapy simply and safely." - Gail 


"Love this product!! After years of sleepless nights I am finally able to sleep!!" – Annette


"Great product, love the citrus lavender. Definite recommend them." - La Shawne 


"Had an awful week of headaches. Thank you Aromaid for allowing me to try your "soon to be released" "EASE" product specially formulated for headaches. It really helped!!! Great product." - Sarah 


“I participated in the CMC-Pineville study for nausea. I am positive that I DID NOT get the placebo! While feeling groggy on pain meds, I would take out the nasal clip, I would then wander why I was so nauseated. After I realized that I was taking out my nasal clip every time this happened, I became aware of how well it worked. After I would reinsert it, my nausea would go away within 3-5 minutes! I am a true believer!”  – Crystal


“The clip of Balanced Heath plus is awesome. I'm in depression and taking many pills for sleep. The only one problem is that when I use one time, I use again for a couple of days. I paid 9.99 for 2 clips. In my opinion, this product is amazing but it is too expensive. I want more but I can't buy.” – Marta


“Was having trouble sleeping and tried this product. AROMAID Calm has really helped me relax and get a good nights sleep. Would highly recommend this product.” – Melondy


“Love essential oils and what you guys do with them brings oils to a new level !!! I’ve used all of your clips and my favorite, hands down is the one for nausea!! I had insane morning sickness with my last pregnancy and this was my lifesaver! I used it pretty much my entire first trimester, and loved it. Thank you so much for your product, it was so nice not being sick all the time like I have been with my previous babes. * peace * love * respect – Heather


“I am a massage therapist at massage heights. When my client came in and told me about these clips I was so excited to try them that I went home and ordered some. I love to wear the Calm clip while cleaning and working. And just today I was sick on my stomach. I popped the Soothe Aromaid in my nose and WHAM I immediately felt better. This product is amazing. I suggest it to everyone I come in contact with!” – Emily


“I was introduced to the Balanced Health plus nasal products while I was 7 months pregnant and having a consistent nauseous pregnancy. I tried an assortment of the clips and my only regret is that I didn't hear about these sooner. They really did help by calming my nerves, helping me relax and feel overall a lot better. Labor classes also recommend you take something that smells nice to the hospital to help relax you during delivery. This is a great product to have throughout pregnancy, delivery and everyday life!” – Aleah


“I just have to rave about these products for a minute. I am not normally one to leave reviews, but these products are amazing! My husband has trouble sleeping and often wakes in the night. He has been contemplating getting on medicine to help him sleep, but I urged him to try a holistic approach before we resorted to sleeping pills. This last week he has dozed off within minutes of using the "calm" and has stayed asleep through the night every night! I am so thankful we have found a solution to his sleeping issues and can't wait to try the rest of the products!” – Marlo


These statements reflect individual experiences of those using AROMAID products.  Results may vary.  These results are not typical and not representative of all those who have used AROMAID products.  AROMAID is not a drug or a medical device. AROMAID does not guarantee any specific result.

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