Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness from BALANCED HEALTH plus®

Pregnancy can bring some ups and down, but before you know it, you’ll be bringing a whole new life into the world. However, before that magical miracle happens, there can be some common nuisances that may occur, especially in regards to dealing with morning sickness. At our alternative health and wellness company, we are going to highlight some ways to help you deal with your morning sickness during your pregnancy. We’ll also offer our favorite method of coping with morning sickness using our products at BALANCED HEALTH plus®.

Smell a fresh scent

Anyone who has experienced morning sickness before knows that specific fragrances can trigger your morning sickness, and those triggers are different for everyone. And when you smell that certain scent, it can really upset your stomach and cause queasiness. Of course, when you’re feeling this way, you can turn to a fresh aroma like peppermint or ginger to help calm your queasiness.

Drink plenty of water

This may seem like quite an obvious point, but it is very important to stay hydrated, especially if you are experiencing morning sickness. Although it may feel impossible to keep anything (food or water) down when your stomach is upset, it’s important to not become dehydrated, as that will cause more nausea.

Find foods that work for you

Just like drinking water when you’re experiencing morning sickness, it can be difficult to keep food down. However, you need to find the right foods that work for your stomach when you are feeling nauseous. Experiment with foods that are bland and carb-rich like crackers, cereal, and pretzel—these seem to help with morning sickness.

Distract yourself

When you are feeling nauseous, it can be very helpful to distract yourself from your upset stomach. Doing activities, such as going for a walk, filling out a crossword puzzle, or even reading a book will help keep you mind off your upset stomach and help ease your morning sickness symptoms.

Take a day off

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be extremely difficult to take a day off work if you’re experiencing morning sickness. Of course, sometimes, it may be very necessary for you to simply take a day off. With your body working overtime with a growing baby, a break is exactly what your body needs.

Use aromatherapy methods

Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus, our favorite approach to easing your morning sickness symptoms is to use the aromatherapy approach. Our AROMAID – Soothe aromatherapy nasal clip is packed with essential oils that are geared so that you may experience relief from your morning sickness. How does our aromatherapy nasal clip work? Simply place the nasal clip on either side of your nose when you are experiencing queasiness, and breathe regularly—it’s as easy as that!

Are you interested in learning more about BALANCED HEALTH plus and our amazing aromatherapy products we offer? Contact us directly so that you may experience the natural health benefits associated with our AROMAID aromatherapy products!

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