Ways to Use Essential Oils

Have you ever been curious about using essential oils? Here at BALANCED HEALTH plus®, we’re happy to introduce you to essential oils and give you some information and inspiration so you can start using them.

Simply put, essential oils are concentrated oils derived from the distillation of plants. These oils carry the fragrance of the plant from which they’re derived and the distinct health and wellness benefits associated with that plant literally for hundreds and hundreds of years. One example you may be familiar with is sandalwood oil. This oil is comes from the sandalwood tree, is distilled into oil form, and can be put to any number of uses. And of course, what most of us know is that sandalwood smells like, well, sandalwood.

Essential oils in their purest form are highly concentrated and actually can be harmful to your skin or mucous tissue. So, essential oils like you can buy online or in stores tend to be diluted significantly so that the danger to the skin or delicate tissues can be minimized.  These oils can be put to a lot of good uses far beyond making your room smell good. They can be used for cooking, cleaning, and  aromatherapy, just to mention a few applications.  

Perhaps the easiest way to use any all-natural essential oil is as an air freshener. To do this, add a few drops of oil to a spray bottle of water, let it diffuse, and spray it freshen up a room. You can also use essential oils when you do laundry by adding a few drops (enough to be fragrant) to your washing machine right before starting a load of laundry. And of course, you can use essential oils to eliminate any odors that might come from a dirty trash can.

But essential oils have more uses than just cleaning and freshening your house!

Bringing some oil and water into a sauna will allow it to diffuse and make your spa experience even more relaxing. If you’re sunburned, you can use essential oils to soothe your skin as well or better than aloe vera gel. Essential oils can even help relieve allergy symptoms. Rub some oil on your hands and inhale and your itchy eyes and congested nose will quickly feel better.

Pure, undiluted essential oils have been used for many, many years in non-traditional approaches to health and wellness but the inherent risks of harm to skin or tissue have always made the oils less user friendly than other more traditional approaches. We at BALANCED HEALTH plus® have designed AROMAID, a patented nasal clip that makes it possible to use undiluted essential oils so that the benefits of inhaling the aromas are available without any risk of exposure to the harshness of the oils on the skin or tissue.

As you can see, essential oils can be used in a number of ways to promote mind and body balance as well as a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been curious about what essential oils are, or what they can be used for beyond air fresheners, we hope this short guide has been helpful. If you’re interested in learning more, our associates would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We welcome you to reach out to us online or to call us toll free. We hope to hear from you soon!

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