AROMAID Calm - Sleep

$ 14.95

"I had been struggling with falling asleep after having an infant. He was sleeping through the night and yet I just couldn't fall asleep. The AROMAID Calm clip has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I fell asleep and stayed asleep throughout the night. It has been amazing." - Shannon 


*French Lavender • Roman Chamomile • Ylang Ylang • Sandalwood 

  • AROMAID Calm is a unique blend of essential oils combining aromatherapy and research-based technology to promote a deep sense of relaxation of both body and mind so that users want to get to sleep or stay asleep. Perfect for use at bedtime!
  • The patented nasal clip is a comfortable, hands-free way of inhaling relaxing scents. When you're ready to go to bed, just insert it in either side of your nose, breathe regularly, relax, and drift right off to a restful sleep.
  • Each works in minutes and lasts for hours.
* 2 individually packaged clips
* 4 individually packaged clips
* Variety Pack - 8 individually packaged clips 
* If interested in larger quantities please contact us

Variety Pack includes

* 1 individual sealed packets of each item listed below - total of 8 individual sealed packets

1 - AROMAID Soothe - Queasiness

1 - AROMAID Calm - Sleep

1 - AROMAID Immune Defense - Protect & Strengthen 

1 - AROMAID Ease - Headaches 

1 - AROMAID Relax - French Lavender 

1 - AROMAID Relax - Eucalyptus 

1 - AROMAID Relax - Citrus Lavender 

1 - AROMAID Relax - Exhilarating Blend 



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