AROMAID Soothe - Queasiness

$ 6.99

*AROMAID Soothe - Ginger • Cardamom •  Peppermint  • Synthetic Wax •  Spearmint

  • AROMAID Soothe helps with all types of nausea
    • Post-Operative 
    • Morning Sickness
    • Chemotherapy 
    • Motion Sickness - while traveling by plane & boat 
    • GI upset 


 "I am a massage therapist, and when my client came in and told me about these clips I was so excited to try them that I went home and ordered some. I love to wear the Calm clip while cleaning and working. And just today I was sick on my stomach. I popped the AROMAID Soothe in my nose and WHAM I immediately felt better. This product is amazing. I suggest it to everyone I come in contact with!" - Emily 


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